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   Renewing your NoWcard    March 19, 2013

A form was sent recently to inform elderly and disabled people who hold a NoWcard that the card is due to expire and advising that that they needed to renew their card as soon as possible if their pass was due to expire on 31 March 2013 . The expiry date is on the front of the card. To date, only half of the disabled card holders to renew have been in touch and we are now trying to get the message out to cardholders via other means about the need for disabled people to complete their forms. If card holders have received a form but have not renewed their pass, they will only be able to use their pass for a month after the expiry date on the card so a card holder will get on the bus and be charged full fare after 30th April 2013. (NBThose with sight, hearing, speech, learning difficulties and arm disabilities have had their cards renewed automatically unless they require a new photograph for the card. NoWcard holders do need to apply for a new pass as soon as possible so a new card can be supplied before 31 March 2013).

Further info can be found here.

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